GUPP Moodle with 12 Modules on Green Public Procurement in construction is now available to everyone

One of the main results of the GUPP project was the preparation of the GUPP Web Platform, an innovative e-training and e-learning tool  Engagement with GPP in construction works. For that purpose we used the Moodle platform, which is now freely available through simple registration procedure. Here you can download Learner's and Trainer's manual with instructions about the GUPP Moodle platform. On this link you can access the Moodle directly. In case you will have any problems, we welcome your questions at contact: (in case you are from Ireland) or (in case you are from other parts of the world). 

Green Public Procurement: a transnational report on the regulatory framework and GPP practices in the field of construction works for selected EU countries

In the auspices of the GUPP project report has been prepared that aims to provide a “Green Handbook: An instrument on GPP Regulatory Framework and Practice” that will introduce a general understanding of the green procurement process and challenges faced upon its implementation in the participating countries (France, Greece, Ireland, Slovenia) at different levels (central and regional), with a special focus on construction works.

The overall aim of the report is to compare, map and develop a methodology for the GUPP framework, recognizing the differences in each country (France, Greece, Ireland, Slovenia) and determining a mutually recognizable approach to GPP practice, in the effort to develop learning opportunities for public authorities’ staff to stimulate resource efficiency and green growth.

You are invited to read the short form of the report in national language (english, french, slovene, greek) and the full version in English language.